We offer Woodturning on the lathe; Scrollsawing; Wood Carving; Pyrography and other projects.

The Woodpeckers are a non profit wood club, providing support to its members through wood work. Our membership is open to people with or without special needs that have an interest in woodworks in its varied forms.
We try to offer skill based training  tailored to an individuals needs and goals with a focus on developing their skills and offering a sense of accomplishment, the self-confidence and a creative way of thinking that participation can develop to carry over into others fields enabling them - at any age - to engage the world on a more meaningful level.

Membership is open to any one over the age of 10 years (parent/guardian supervision a requirement).


> Adapt to peoples changing needs

> Develop people's skills and abilities

> Provide a environment that offers opportunity for self- expression

Yearly membership - $20 per adult

                                           - $10 per child    
                  ONLY $3 per session         
Opening hours  by arrangement


                      Irene 043800 2188